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Life is unpredictable, but your health doesn’t have to be.
Lose weight without counting calories.
Learn what foods are right for your body.
Get to the root cause of your symptoms.
Establish habits to set you up for a lifetime of success.
Have the energy and vitality you want to live your greatest, happiest life.

I’m Amanda - a Health Coach

There is no one size fits all approach to health. Your struggles and goals are unique, as is your body’s chemistry, hormones, genetics, and preferences. My specialty is teaching you how to understand your body and tap in to your intuition when it comes to your food and lifestyle choices.

Any of this sound familiar?

Why Amanda Lauren Wellness?

Health Coaching Is Not Just Another Diet.

Health coaching is a collaborative process whereby we work together to set goals, create actionable plans, and overcome any challenges in your way to get the results you are looking for. You may have tried diets and different lifestyle changes before, but without personalization, understanding how to make those changes sustainable, and someone holding your hand the whole way through, you have not properly set yourself up for success. Health coaching is a partnership. Your job is to tune in and be open and ready for self-experimentation, growth, and change. My job is to find any underlying imbalances that may be hindering your progress and to empower you to make the right choices for you and your body. LET’S DO THIS!

How do you want to feel? How do you want to look? What kind of energy do you want to have? What you eat and how you live greatly influences how your body reacts and how you will feel. YOU HAVE THE POWER! Through learning to give your body what it needs and uncovering and treating any underlying imbalances along the way, you CAN increase energy, turn up fat burn, promote muscle growth/definition, decrease inflammation, improve mood, sharpen cognition, boost immunity, ameliorate digestive issues, sleep like a boss, slow signs of aging and more. Sounds pretty great right?!

There is no one size fits all approach to health. We all have our own hormones, genetics, microbiome, preferences, challenges, and goals, and all of those need to be taken into account when deciding what plan of action is right for you. My specialty is considering all of these factors to determine how you can restore balance in your body and in your life. By applying nutritional science, using specific functional labs and wholistic treatment protocols, and teaching you to strengthen the connection between what you eat, how you live, and how you feel, I help you take control of and upgrade your body, health, and life. The best part? I am focused on transformation that is sustainable. This means finding habits and solutions that are enjoyable and easily incorporated into your lifestyle. No deprivation, no meal prepping for hours on end, no diets, no guilt – just sustainable change that will give you the healthy body, mind, and life you have always wanted and deserve. It truly is a one stop shop to finally ditching the diet wheel, regaining mastery over your health, and creating the energy and freedom in your life to focus on the things you love.

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