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What Others Are Saying

“Working with Amanda has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. She takes the time to teach you how to achieve your own personal goals and uses science and data to educate her clients. My goal with working with Amanda was to remove sugar from my diet and become a more knowledgeable individual about the food I was putting into my body. Amanda helped me learn how to be a mindful eater and how to make a lifestyle change that felt authentic to who I am and also felt sustainable for the future. I have a new skill set and knowledge that is the foundation for my healthy lifestyle going forward and I have Amanda to thank! Working with Amanda I achieved so much more than my initial goal; I’ve gained balance in my life, better sleeping habits, more energy, and the added benefit of weight loss!!”

Alex G.

“With your unconditional support, I have experienced a true full circle wellness journey! My state of mind is no longer dictated by the number the scale reads! I am focusing on energizing my body and nourishing my soul! You have helped me understand what Intuitive Eating really means for ME. I am currently working on prioritizing stress relief strategies such as reading, bubbles baths, Peloton yoga, bike and meditation to help flood my brain AND body with more happiness hormones as opposed to constant stress hormones. Considering I’ve reached a state of ‘happy wellness’ during and following a global pandemic is a true testament of the light and joy you offer to your clients! I cannot thank you enough for helping guide me along MY happiness manifestation journey!”

Grace T.

“I started working with Amanda wanting to lose some weight, but ended up achieving so much more! Amanda not only discussed with me healthier, well-rounded eating choices, but went further and helped me overcome my “food rules”. She also taught me that a complete balance of body, mind and food are necessary for overall health and with that, she inspired me to take a leap into a new career path. I am so grateful for the support and encouragement Amanda has given me during my journey to truly find myself.”

Amanda K.

“I started working with Amanda in February, and now 2 months later have lost a total of 15 pounds as well as lowering my historically high blood pressure and reducing my feelings of anxiety. Most importantly by incorporating more mindful eating habits, I feel energized, and balanced for myself and my family.”

Christina M.

“When I reached out to Amanda for health coaching, I was looking for support around a lifelong habit of putting myself and my needs last on my to-do list: food, sleep, and exercise had become these complex matrices of shoulds/should-nots based on decades of cultural expectations and gender norms. I was tired, confused, and struggling to articulate what was nourishing to me.

Amanda immediately is warm and clarifying. Her candour, patience (she’s very patient it’s worth emphasizing), dedication, and support is really only matched by her ability to identify, distill, and work through my health patterns in kind and caring ways with me. She works in, what feels for me, the healing space. Beyond observation and communication, Amanda brings knowledge that translates into manageable insights and workable next steps. 

Since working together I have transformed physically and behaviourally, as well as from the inside: I know and honour what nourishes me, I eat what I want without guilt and the chatter, I nourish the parts of me that are stressed with a variety of strategies Amanda helped me to develop (sometimes even including food), I understand the importance of and have made space to listen to my body and work to take care of my health. In that complex work, Amanda’s clarity has been steadying, even in it’s challenge. I can’t recommend Amanda Lauren Wellness highly enough.”

Kara H.

“I contacted Amanda because I was incredibly frustrated and discouraged about my eating habits and their impact on my post-menopausal body (and because my daughter gave her rave
reviews!!!). Amanda gently and compassionately helped me identify the root of my struggles
from both a physiological as well as a psychological perspective. Amanda made herself
available to me 24/7, either by phone or text message, not only regarding my food choices, but
also for moral support. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, kind, and understanding- a
combination of qualities that are difficult to find in today’s world.

I must admit, I was very apprehensive at first about whether I could benefit from speaking with anutritionist, but Amanda was much more than that for me. My experience with her was truly life changing in more ways than I could ever imagine. Not only am I eating much better, my cravings are gone, I’m not hungry between meals, and I’m feeling much better about myself and the food choices I now make!!!”

Judy K.

“Amanda – I can’t thank you enough for how you’ve helped me.

You gave me easy recipes to follow that properly fueled my body without sacrificing flavor and have actually made me enjoy finding new recipes to meet a craving, bring to a party, or just for everyday life.

You were the biggest cheerleader during our time together (and even now), but you also gave me some hard truths about my lifestyle and workaholic tendencies that I needed. It allowed me to re-center and find a new life that I’m more fulfilled and energized by. Before, I always felt like it was a badge of honor to sleep minimally and work a lot because it meant I had a purpose, but you helped me recognize that it is not sustainable, and I was burning myself out, leading to my health deteriorating.

You re-wired my yo-yo dieting brain. I had tried Weight Watchers, Noom, and what felt like everything before meeting you. You allowed me to acknowledge that it’s not about heavily restricting calories, but it’s about fueling my body appropriately and realizing how I feel after I eat, how my digestion is, etc.

You have been a wealth of resources that go beyond a typical health coach that are both about health AND mindset. You’ve given me books to think through what an abundant lifestyle looks like that have genuinely changed my perspective, referred me to other folks to double down on health or mindset, and given me so many tools and experiments to do to find what works for me and my lifestyle.

From a scale perspective, I’m 10 pounds down from when we started 2 years ago (AKA I’ve kept off weight) and am so much more toned and energized. I work out more consistently than ever (5x/week) because it gives me the energy I need to tackle the day, and I learned it’s more about consistency than it is exhaustion.”

Carly S.

“I am absolutely thrilled to write this glowing review for my incredible health coach! Working with Amanda has been a game-changer for me, and I can’t express my gratitude enough.

From the very beginning, Amanda showed a deep level of expertise and genuine passion for helping me achieve my health and wellness goals. She gave me unwavering support and encouragement. My process has been slow, but she has been there with me every step of the way, cheering me on and offering valuable insights to keep me motivated. Her positive attitude made this journey enjoyable. Together, we were able to conquer my chronic bloat and digestive issues that plagued me for years, heal my rosacea, minimize fatigue and lose stubborn weight (23 lbs) that had been creeping up over the years. The best part is how I feel on the inside – so much more in control of my health, empowered, and excited to keep making progress.

One of the most impressive aspects of working with Amanda is her commitment to personalized care. She tailored recommendations to fit my unique needs making me feel like I have a partner in this journey, not just a coach. Thank you, Amanda, for your knowledge, patience, and support!”

Jeanne J.

“The pain in my hands is gone and my inflammatory markers are down by half! The adjustments to my diet have made more of an impact on my symptoms than either of the medications I am taking and will even be talking to my rheumatologist about discontinuing them. I am actually sleeping through the whole night and waking up rested, which has never happened. I used to always wake up feeling like I hadn’t slept at all. I cannot tell you a time in my adult life when I have woken up feeling as good as I have the last week! Words cannot express how grateful I am to have you helping me navigate finding a diet that will help me feel better than I ever thought was possible!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!”

Gabby N.

“Amanda is a knowledgeable and inspiring coach. She is focused on the “whole you”, educating and encouraging positive behaviors and providing the right amount of coaching and counseling to achieve the next milestone. Amanda taught me how to think differently about my diet and to be intentional about my lifestyle which has yielded great results for me.  I lost 16 pounds by simply watching what I eat….. yet continuing to indulge in a few of my favs… I feel healthier, look better and am much more confident about my lifestyle. I have recommended Amanda to several of my friends and an co workers, who are all very grateful.”

Tina E.

“I started working with Amanda after she was recommended to me by a friend. I have always struggled with my weight and have tried many diets in the past. But I was finally at a point in my life where I was ready to try something different. Walking was becoming more and more difficult. I would get pain in my legs and feet and have to stop to catch my breath. I didn’t like the way I looked or felt in my clothes and really wanted to try to lose weight in a sustainable way. I have a full life – full time career, children and now grandchildren, and I want to be around for a long time and be able to participate in their lives fully. In just six months of working with Amanda I have been able to lose several dress sizes. I went from not even being able to walk a few blocks without pain to walking miles without having to stop. I started working out and lifting weights and can play with my granddaughter on the floor (or anywhere!) no problem. When I went to my doctor recently for blood work, he was so thrilled with the changes that he asked if I was on ozempic! The best part about my new life is that I now know how to eat the right things for me. I make myself a priority and I don’t let anything get in the way of doing what is best for me. I love what I am eating. I feel so much better inside and out and have even inspired my kids to make changes to their dietary habits as well. We are all healthier now because of working with Amanda and I am so grateful!”

Adina AG.

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