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My Philosophy

We have all been conditioned to reach for convenient processed foods, to stay up late, to fuel ourselves on sugar and coffee all day, and to equate our self-worth with what we “do.” We believe that exercise requires going to the gym, that doctors know our bodies best, and that we can’t get better without prescription pills or diets. But the truth is, these assumptions are keeping us from feeling our best. We all have an innate capacity to heal and optimize ourselves when we have the right information and accountability to do so. And that is why I do what I do – because there is nothing I love more than helping you realize how to turn your own health around to become the energetic, resilient, confident, and happy person that you deserve to be.


The (4) I’s Approach

Core Pillars of My Practice.

Symptoms (including weight gain) and disease arise in the body when systems become imbalanced. Most health issues can be addressed by optimizing these systems. This is where the 4 I’s come in:

Insulin covers your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar and therefore is the key to your metabolic health as well as overall hormonal balance and prevention of chronic disease.

Gut health is essential to every aspect of your physical health and emotional well-being: it is tied to hormone balance, nutrient assimilation, weight and metabolism, immune function, inflammation, depression and anxiety, and of course bloating and any GI issues you frequently experience.

ALL disease (and dis-ease) in the body relates back to inflammation. Inflammation is a necessary system to our survival, but when it goes unchecked, things can quickly go sideways! Addressing inflammation through treating the gut as well as through dietary and lifestyle changes is crucial to ensuring you can meet and forever maintain your health goals.

Here is where things get good! You have addressed insulin, intestines, and inflammation. You feel and look better than ever. But now what? How do you go through life while sustaining that feeling? Intuition, my friend! Once you learn to tap into what your body needs and what feels “right” for you in any given moment, you have truly unlocked the ability to stay on top of your health and to lead a life in alignment with your truest desires. Talk about sustainability!

In order to address the 4 I’s and help you to reach your goals, I use a unique combination of the following tools depending on YOUR specific needs:

These are the essential elements of my health coaching practice that will help get you from where you currently are to where you want to be. By approaching the 4 I’s through these pillars, you can break away from your current state where you feel frustrated and unseen and step into a whole new reality when it comes to your health and happiness.

Ready to Take Action?

Are you sick of waking up feeling exhausted, overweight, and uncomfortable in your own body? It’s time to realize YOU are the greatest factor when it comes to your health, how you feel, and how you look. Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting, food guilt, and confusion over what to eat FOR GOOD. Life is complicated…but your health doesn’t need to be. Take charge of your health journey today!

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