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Amanda Lauren Wellness 30 Day Group Summer Accountability Challenge

This is a 4 week GROUP challenge designed to SUPPORT YOU in meeting YOUR goals and making positive life changes so you can feel and look your absolute best while fully enjoying your summer. 👏


Are you ready to make this Summer your best one yet!?

There is NOTHING better than feeling comfortable and confident in your own body and energized from the inside-out. Summer is typically a time where you might get off-track with your health. French fries on the boardwalk, cocktails by the pool, forgoing your usual exercise class for the beach – all part of summer fun! But overdoing it never feels good. Every fall, I am contacted by clients (new and old) who feel in desperate need of a reset after losing control over the summer. But this summer can be different! With me as your guide, a community of like- minded people, and steady accountability, you can have your summer fun AND your healthy, happy body too!

What is the Chellenge?

This is a 4 week challenge designed to support you in meeting YOUR goals and making positive life changes so you can feel and look your absolute best while fully enjoying your summer.

When does it start?
 Starts July 22nd, 2024

What’s the investment?
Commit $80 to keep you accountable

What are the goals of the challenge?
Aim to lose 4% of your weight in 4 weeks

What can I win?!
Your share of the pot if you hit the 4%*

But don’t be misled! This is not really about weight loss. 😲

 In fact, in my practice, I don’t focus on weight loss, I focus on health GAINS. Because when that happens, not only do you end up hitting your goal weight and feeling more confident on the outside, you also feel so much better on the inside. Building up your health makes losing weight a heck of a lot easier and more enjoyable and by doing so, you are drastically reducing your chances of serious diseases like heart disease, cancer, dementia, stroke, etc. You are investing in your future self AND have the energy, vitality, resiliency and strong, lean body you need to live your best life now. It really is a win all around!

When you join my 30 day Summer Accountability Group Challenge you have the opportunity to win BIG:

Win Cash (Yes! you read that right)
Weight loss (Hello, summer bod!)
Healthy habits
A community of like-minded people
Balance (have your summer fun and your body confidence too)
A PDF with Amanda’s best tips and tricks for revving metabolism and shedding weight without overly restricting
2 zoom Q&A calls with Amanda
Group communication through WhatsApp for constant support and accountability

I’m doing this because this is YOUR time.
How do I know? Because this whole life is your time! And you deserve to prioritize yourself and feel great no matter what season or stage of life you are in. So yes, summer is a time to enjoy yourself. But by joining the accountability group, you can ensure you don’t go overboard and regret your decisions come fall!

If you have worked with me or follow me, you know I’m all about balance. You really truly can “have it all” if you redefine what that means.

So join us!!

Still not sure..

Almost Guaranteed Results:
Research shows that when you financially invest in something or when you join a community, you are more likely to hit your goals. And in this case, you are doing BOTH! 

Expert Guidance:
Learn optimal tips to gain health and lose weight from my years of experience studying and practicing health, nutrition, biohacking, and functional medicine

Regular check-ins, fun summer recipes, bonus challenges, discounts on fun products, and everyone supporting you will be sure to keep you motivated all summer long!

Build Healthy Habits:
The tips, tricks, information, and recipes in this program are designed to be easily incorporated into your busy life. By the end of the 4 weeks, you will be so used to making upgraded choices wherever possible and feeling so great, it will be easy to continue on your health journey!

Positive Transformation:
Not just physical, but mental and emotional too! You will truly feel outstanding from the inside-out and radiate confidence the way you were meant to!

Imagine this...

Four weeks from now, you are feeling stronger, leaner, more energized, and happier. And you didn’t have to sacrifice your summer plans to do it! You have learned easy ways to make upgraded choices and have splurged where you’ve wanted to. No restriction, just mindfulness. You truly can have your summer and your summer body too!

Ready to Transform!?

This is not just about losing or maintaining a healthy weight. Just like health coaching, this is a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and connection to self. With me as your coach, and a group of like-minded, supportive individuals by your side, there is no limit to what we can achieve together!

Join us and let’s make July a month to remember! You’ve GOT this! And we’ve got you.

Can’t wait to see you there!

*Out of the $80 you put in, $20 goes into the communal winnings pot. At the end of the challenge, we will divide the pot equally amongst all the “winners” who achieved their goal!

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